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Air luxor
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'AirLuxor (ICAO: ' / IATA: / Call-sign: ) is a non-commercial virtual air company in Second Life®. The airline was founded by Pheaton Philbin in and travels to destinations in and around Satori, Nautilus and the Blake Sea .


AirLuxor was established in and is a non-commercial airline.

About Us

We take great pleasure to be available to passengers from all walks of their Second Life, for Regional and Intercontinental flights.

Owner Manager Pheaton Philbin


Airports in Second Life® served by AirLuxor:





As of November 2016, AirLuxor operates the following aircraft:

Dani Aircraft:

D120 Embraer Brasilia,

D170 Embraer,

D300 Embraer Phenom,

D318 Airbus,

D737 Boeing,

Grand Caravan,

D109 Chopper.

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