Air Lexico (ICAO: ALX / IATA: AL / Call-sign: LEXICO) is a german non-commercial virtual air company in Second Life ®. Air Lexico is owned by Hanson Lexico. It serves the Second Life® grid from and to airports in Blake Sea, Nautilus and Satori by request of passengers.

Air Lexico is also serving the Jeogeot Gulf from Unity Airport.


Air Lexico was founded in April 2015 as a Charter and Cargo company. Reorganised in May 2015 to a pure private Jet charter airline.

Air Lexico offers VIP and business flights with private jets and helicopters.

Also scenic flights and Air Taxi will be served.Due to the small runway in Tails(XD Marina&Airfield), there will be only flights with small-sized jets from there.

If mid-sized or large-sized jet will be needed, nearby airports will be used for departure. Ofcourse there will be a transfer from Tails to this airport.

End of July 2015 Air Lexico opend a Checkin desk and VIP Lounge in Terminal A Second Norway Lufthavn.


  • Hanson Lexico (CEO)


  • There is no regulary flightplan
  • Destinations according to agreements


As July 2015, the fleet includes the following aircraft:



Flight rules for passengers

  • Passengers are requested to remove all unnecessary scripts and are reminded that the pilot is at liberty to refuse to transport any passenger - for any reason.
  • Passengers need detach AO, scripted hair, any devices for flight or other type; maximum scripts: less 5.
  • Passengers need revised your ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost); for that use this botton combination: Ctrrl + Alt + Shift + C. Need be less 500 (or in green colour).
  • Passengers follow the pilot instructions in case of crash in the sea, and start the emergency protocol request to the coast guard services.

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