Airfield: SLAK - Aniak Airfield

Region: Azkul @ (1133, 1088)

Manager: Lore Lipsi (executive), Syler Avon (owner)

CTAF: SLAK Aniak ATC Sth. Corsica (SL group)

Characteristic: Grass Strip of 152m 

Approaches: RW36

Takeoffs: RW18

  • Homebase of Thunderflight Air Carrier
  • Travel Destination of "Blake Sea Regional"
  • Travel Destination of "MING AIR"
  • Tie-downs vacant: 2 L$/Prim - custom amounts in 50 prim blocks
  • Helipads available

Fuel Service: ♦ DSA ♦ Dani ♦ Shergood ♦ NTBI ♦ =TBM= ♦

30 minutes return time for "non-renters".

There are 2 helipads for guests with the same return time.

Every plane type is welcome to use the airfield, tie-downs are rather made for small and business prop planes.

"Landmaster System" (*) installed (1.03):

  • "Main Board" (next to fuel station): Aging 7 days
  • "Hall of Fame Board" (terminal hut): NO Aging

Entry for Dani's HSI indicator would be

"Aniak Airfield S|North|<290168.500000,278638.100000,29.663500>"

(*) About the "Landmaster System":

Landing Score Ranges Defined:

  • 0.0 - 20.0s:  Crash-landing likely resulting in catastrophic damage to the plane resulting in passenger casualties
  • 30.0s:  Crash-landing likely resulting in critical damage to the plane resulting in passenger injury and possible casualties
  • 40.0's: Hard-landing resulting in structural damage to the plane and possible passenger injury
  • 50.0's: Scary landing ("E" or "Mangelhaft")
  • 60.0's: Fair Landing ("D" or "Ausreichend")
  • 70.0's: Good Landing ("C" or "Befriedigend")
  • 80.0's: Great Landing ("B" or "Gut")
  • 90.0's: Perfect Landing ("A" or "Sehr gut")