WARNING: It is actually under griefer attack with some objects in the middle of the runway ... I was sending a message to the owner about this, but do not answer me.

Bay City Midway Field (ICAO:SLBM) is a public small, ground level airstrip, in the downtown area of Tanelon within the "Bay City Islands" of western Sansara.

Landing Advisories

  • Minimum approach to 50m.
  • Caution, is into an urban area.


Bay City Midway Field is a small, ground level airstrip, altitude is approx. 24m, which places it at about Sea Level. It features a Control Tower, Paved Runway with markings making ideal for small prop planes, dirigibles and helicopters. It is privately owned, and open to the public.


Bay City Midway Field no has operated scheduled services as January 2016.


Pilots' facilities

  • VASI

General facilities

  • Rez area


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