• Bichgirl

    New airport

    April 9, 2018 by Bichgirl

    Hello and thank you for reading this I've set up a airport. and it seams that people are not finding it. so I thought I would try this way. its located at Black Drake Airport and Space Station, Black Drake (150, 47, 141) - Moderate. I do hope you now find it and enjoy the place we also have road ways and a RLV space station there as well.

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  • Jaja2939ugmf

    Since The Kousara's Regent Nationalist Forces Attacks SLCG Danshire Station. spreading HD Fires on the Danshire Station. The Situation has started since SLCG has banned you access to SLCG Related Region. as MayoiAlice's Action to ban MayoiAlice's Related Sim. with my Weapons Available in SL. Currently. The Kousara's Regent Nationalist Forces is war against SLCGs. Equipments are below

    My owned vehicles/Aircrafts.
    Kousara's Army Air Forces Service
    -=[AA]=- M24 Chaffee Tank
    2cm FLAK 38 v1.0
    Crusader MKIII Euro v2.0a
    M-26 Pershing
    Panzer IVH
    T-34/76 v1.3a
    VK 1602 leopard v2.0
    [K-S] & Sdkfz 222
    Astaro LFT-30 Light Tank
    [DS] VICE M1A1 Abrams with TUSK
    J.C.R.D Jagdpanzer 38(t) v1.6a
    J.C.R.D Panzer 38(t) v2.2a
    Mukuta's_Type97tank(VICE)not for sale
    Air Forc…

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  • Ananda Ghost

    Wow, this is my first article in the blog, and my idea is put here my vital route:

    1. I am I.
    2. You are my best virtual friend (if you are be good and patient with me)
    3. I am a dreamer, then, my dreams are your dreams if you like.

    My head is full, and i need put here more thing, but in other moment.

    Ananda Ghost

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  • AndyTGD

    New wiki features

    July 24, 2014 by AndyTGD

    As of 24/07/14, we have added a new airport mapping system to the Second Life Aviation Wiki; check it out on the homepage or on its dedicated page below! We've spent ages populating the map, which now features all the major Linden continents, their respective airports and landmarks. If anything has been missed, please don't hesistate to add to it! It is definitely a work in progress.

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  • AndyTGD

    SL Aviation Magazine Issue 25 is now playing on the SL Aviation Network Channel. This issue features an interview with Navigaiter Resident and Meg Madrigal who are working on a real life skyboat project and using Second Life as a development tool. The interview is followed by a Skyboat flight on the continent of Sansara. Read more >
  • AndyTGD

    Episode twenty four of the YouTube video series SL Aviation Magazine has been released. In addition, to current affairs segment This week in SL aviation, this episode features footage of a Dogs on the Run (DOR) dogfighting competition. Read more >
  • AndyTGD

    Grenadier Airshow

    June 26, 2014 by AndyTGD

    Grenadier Marina & Airport is hosting an airshow from the 4th to 6th July 2014. The event will feature an airshow, music, competitions and more! It starts on Friday 4th July at 12pm SLT, with the main event occurring at 12pm on Saturday. For more information please contact Toby Ovis.

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  • AndyTGD

    In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings, a special fly-over of the Blake Sea is being held to mark the event on 7th June at 11:00AM SLT (Second Life Time). The event will involve a grid flight of Douglas C-47 transport aircraft and a simulated amphibious assault by paratroopers on Honah Lee Trudeau Airfield and Hollywood Airport.

    Any individual may participate in the event but group participation is encouraged. This can be either an already established group or an ad-hock group of friends who come together just for this event. If you are not in a group don’t worry, you will still be able to participate. After the event there will be a Best in Show Contest where the group with the most authentic WW2 Paratrooper/Air Crew…

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  • AndyTGD

    Episode twenty one of the YouTube video series SL Aviation Magazine has been released. This moving Memorial Day episode commemorates all men and women, who have died in military service. In addition, Episode 21 introduces a new current affairs segment to the series entitled This week in SL aviation presented by Mitch Lacher. Read more >
  • AndyTGD

    Episode twenty of the YouTube video series SL Aviation Magazine has been released. In this episode, Luke Flywalker attends the grand opening of Star Fish Lake Regional Airport. Click here to watch.

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  • Hillbilly Pilot

    I just want to say thanks to all who help make SL fun & exciting adventures. I have met a few that really get into aviation as much as i do. I am yet to find anyone that really cares to meet the man behind the keybord but thats ok , I love to fly in RL and SL too, just enjoy your experience the same as i do. I am comfortable just relaxing in the cockpit. If you happen to see me it would make me feel much better if you just flap your wings at me or just IM me say hi. Since 2006 how many say hi to me?? Two maybe. Blue Skys

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  • AndyTGD

    Hit & run event!

    May 17, 2014 by AndyTGD

    This weekend (Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th May 2014) SL aviation enthusiast Ashone Mahogany will be doing a Hit & Run giveaway across the SL Grid. At random times and at random airports, during the weekend, he'll be giving away the Hawker Hunter aircraft he designed.

    Ash Studios staff will arrive and hide two boxes at the chosen airport. A "HIT & RUN (region)" notification will then be in posted in the SL Aviation Group chat feed. Contestants will have ten minutes or the auto-return time (whichever is shorter) to locate, buy the box for L$0 and 'take' it to their inventory.

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  • AndyTGD

    Episode nineteen of the YouTube video series SL Aviation Magazine has been released. This issue follows the SL Grid Flight team as they attempt to circumnavigate the continent of Jeogeot (Indeed, how does one pronounce "Jeogeot"?). Click here to watch.

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  • AndyTGD

    Episode seventeen of the YouTube video series SL Aviation Magazine has been released. This issue features the one year anniversary of SL Grid Flight and the Bentwaters Field grand opening activities, including the Winterhawk Cup Air Race and the première of the DOR Angels aerobatic team. Click here to watch.

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  • AndyTGD

    Winterhawk Cup Air Race

    April 3, 2014 by AndyTGD

    Visit Bentwaters Airfield, the new Executive Airport on the Nautilus continent for details regarding entry into the Winterhawk Cup Air Race held on 12th April 2014.

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  • AndyTGD

    The Grenadier Airport (SLGR) in north-eastern Nautilus now has a new structural layout including a much-needed second runway. Here is a list of the latest changes:

    • 2 runways. Landing 27L. Take off 09L.
    • Catapult and arrestor cables/runway.
    • 10 new hangars.
    • New tower, old tower removed.
    • Reduced taxiing, more flying.
    • More space for rezzing.
    • Prims and scripts removed for less lag.
    • 2 skydiving targets (still weekly competition).
    • ATC callsign is still: SLGR (ATC guide/help in the terminal).
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  • AndyTGD

    SL Aviation Magazine 15

    March 19, 2014 by AndyTGD

    Episode fifteen of the YouTube video series SL Aviation Magazine has been released. In this episode Luke Flywalker attends the official opening of Aleksandr International Airport and interviews helicopter designer Sal Fireguard of Animate Works. Click here to watch.

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  • AndyTGD

    Aircraft display show

    January 25, 2014 by AndyTGD

    The second annual TAG Airport Aircraft Display Show starts on Monday 27th January 2014. The event will be hosted at Tag City Airport and runs until 9th March. For more information please IM zipperhead Wurgle inworld.

    • 27th Jan to 2nd Feb: Open class aircraft with fixed wings or rotor.
    • 3rd Feb to 9th Feb: Helicopters.
    • 10th Feb to 16th Feb: Jets.
    • 17th Feb to 23rd Feb: Prop aircraft.
    • 24th Feb to 2nd March: Seaplanes.
    • 3rd March to 9th March: Airport, aircraft and pilot accessories.

    • Mondays is aircraft rez day for the event of the week and Sunday is removal day, if there is room on Tuesday after the grid wide region restarts, you may rez additional aircraft if they are unique.
    • Builders are welcome to put vendors by their displays.
    • Please rez on the metal g…

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  • AndyTGD

    SL Aviation Magazine 12

    January 20, 2014 by AndyTGD

    Episode twelve of the YouTube video series SL Aviation Magazine has been released. In this episode Luke Flywalker and the Second Life grid flight team explore the original continents of Sansara and Heterocera Atoll as they attempt the historic 'Kessel Run' grid flight. Click here to watch.

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  • AndyTGD

    Free miniature helicopter!

    December 10, 2013 by AndyTGD

    Visitors to Ashone Mahogany's Winter Railway ride can get a free miniature Bell 212 helicopter toy, towing a 'Merry Christmas' banner. Wearable or rezzable (only 6 prims). Just touch the helicopter, circling above Christmas tree, to get a copy. Visitors can also touch the platform for a Christmas card - and the snowman, for a throwable snowball. (Fight!)

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