The Blue Lagoon Naturist Airport is part of the Blue Lagoon Naturist Estate (BLNE). Currently, there are 24 sims, so there is a lot of nice scenery to enjoy on your flight. Available for rent at the airport are: hangars, helipads, seaplane moorings and plane / helicopter parking.

The BLNE offers, in 24 sims, sailing, boat moorings, houseboats, land parcels, apartments, Islands and aircraft parking in a mix of stunning tropical and temperate climates.

Airport: BLNA - Blue Lagoon Naturist Airport

Region: Volos @ (917, 1204)

Manager: Marcy (123marceline)


 * RW27 @ [917,1204] (185.311,233.885,21.8897) hdg:270 fixes:[384 - 192 - 30]

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