Britannia Air (ICAO: BYA / IATA: BY / Call-sign: BRITANNIA) is a commercial virtual air company in Second Life®. The airline was founded by Orion in 2016 and travels to destinations in the Blake Sea and Nautilus.


Britannia Air was established in 2016 and is a small, commercial airline. It has facilities at Delchdork Regional Airport and Amusement Park, St Martin Airfield, Second Norway Lufthavn and White Star Airfield. Our Main Office is located at Delchdork Regional Airport and Amusement Park.

About Us

We have an experienced, friendly crew and use British Aerospace 146 (McKeenan Aviation) Jets, on all of our routes.

Passenger Information

We provide passenger check-in facilities at all of the airports we serve. Additionally, we have passenger lounges at Delchdork Regional Airport and Amusement Park, St Martin Airfield and White Star Airfield.


Airports in Second Life® served by Britannia Air:




As of February 2017, Britannia Air operates the following aircraft:


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