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The C-3 Master (WAKE: LIGHT) is a two seater single engine aircraft also known as the 'flying bathtub'. Created in Second Life by Carly's Premium Aircraft, the aircraft is based on the real-life wikipedia:Aeronca C-3, built in the United States of America by Aeronca.


The real-life C-3 Master was introduced in 1935 by Aeronca (Aeronautical Corporation of America) of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Available both in-world and on the Marketplace, Carly Premium Aircraft's recreation of the C-3 Master features a highly realistic flight engine, fully-functional set of in-dash instruments, working doors, and landing gear (with optional floats). Like the real-life C-3, Carly's C-3 has only basic instrumentation and does not have flaps or marker lights.


  • Highly realistic flight engine.
  • Fully functional in-dash instruments.
  • Optional pilot/co-pilot's heads-up display (HUD).
  • Working landing gear (floats version) and doors.
  • Optional skis or floats undercarriage.
  • Seats up to two people.
  • Refueling system (DSA Fuel and TBM Fuel).
  • Paint weathering and washing system.
  • Convenient drop-in repainting system.
  • Fully customizable, via both menu and direct editing of mesh.


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