DLM (which stands for Darsh Lucero Meccanica), now DLM Aerospace, is a manufacturer of Second Life aircraft and helicopters. Founded in 2007 by Darsh Lucero , DLM was based in Dogfight Isle.


DLM Aerospace started life in the back of a small hangar on Dogfight Isle in 2007, as a maker of bespoke warbird replicas. Several airplanes and helicopters later, the company has now established itself as a maker of quality aircraft with unique flying characteristics, ranging from light helicopters to regional passenger airplanes.

In December 2010, DLM Aerospace became a member of Global Dynamics Technologies, a consortium of established Second Life companies, comprising of itself, Amok Dynamics, East West Industries (EWI), Tumansky Heavy Industries (THI), and PROTEC.

While their resources and expertise are pooled together within GDT, all the companies and brands retain their own separate identity and product specialisation. GDT provides a common platform for the above mentioned brands to work together and collaborate.

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