SL Continent Map - Jeogeot

Location of Jeogeot within Second Life.

Jeogeot (also called the "Korean Continent") is quite lonely as the southern-most mainland continent. With the exception of Zindra, Jeogeot is also the only linden-designed continent not connected to any other on the grid. As a result, this area has always suffered from a lack of interest on the part of Second Life's aviation community. At its height in 2009, the continent had six operating airports, however four of them were under the same ownership.

Today there are only a couple of airport locations available for pilots on Jeogeot. Of these locations, Xilted Airstrip, Subak Airstrip and the USS Reprisal were created by the Linden Department of Public Works, which has its headquarters at the center of the continent. Also near the middle of the continent are several active volcanoes which can be seen spewing lava into the ocean below. In addition, there is an extensive road network which loops around the tear-dropped continent, as well as the longest suspension bridge in Second Life.