LANDAR AIR (ICAOLAN / IATA: LI / Call-sign: LANDAR) is a virtual commercial and private airline in Second Life®. Landar Air serves the Second Life® Grid with commuter travel and charter flights between regional and intercontinental airports in the Blake Sea, Nautilus and Satori continents and private islands and seports.

History Edit

Landar Air, a division of Landar Industries was founded by Vinn Landar on July 1, 2016, operating out of their first hub, New Horizons Aviation Airport (SLNH) as a private charter airline. Landar Air and it's parent Landar Industries have their headquarters located at New Horizons Aviation Airport.

Overview Edit

Landar Air, offers charter flights and will offer regular commercial flights in the near future. All flights operate on a 'pay what you want' system where although not required, tipping is appreciated. Customers wishing to enquirer about the services are requested to contact Vinn Landar.

Destinations Edit

Airports in Second Life® served by Landar Air include:

New Horizons Aviation Airport (SLNH)

Fleet Edit

As of July 2016, the Central Airlines fleet includes the following aircraft:

  • MD 500E Helicopter
  • C700 Helicopter
  • Debonair 0513 Seaplane


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