• Location within Second Life.
  • Map of Nautilus Waterways.

The Nautilus continent is unique amongst the continents of Second Life as it features almost as much ocean as it does land. At the beginning of Nautilus’s existence, it was hard to find an airport which would last more than a few weeks. However starting in 2013 Nautilus experienced a boom in new airport construction, with many of them finally surviving to become well established. As a result of this, and the close proximity to so much protected water, Nautilus - along with Sansara - have become the two most airport-populous continents in Second Life.

In addition to the plethora of airports, airfields and skyports to choose from, Nautilus excels in what it was originally designed to do: water recreation. Hidden shipwrecks, the remains of ancient sea creatures and schools of fish can be found in various parts of the vast inland and southern seas. The continent is renowned for "Nautilus City", a large Romanesque community created by the Linden Department of Public Works. It is located prominently on the continent's south-eastern-most island. Nautilus is directly connected to the Satori continent to the south, the Blake Sea to the south-east, and Corsica to the north.

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