Prefabrica is a general manufacturer of vehicles, furniture, buildings, fashion, weapons and avatars in Second Life. It was founded as an experimental project in October 2009 by Loki Dancer and is primarily based in the independently-operated 'Prefabrica' region.


Along with Dirty Lynx (apparel, skins, hairstyles, accessories or complete avatars) and Hanzo Blades (weapons production), Prefabrica is one of several Second Life brands owned and operated by designer and entrepreneur, Loki Dancer. Since approximately 2009, these Second Life businesses have been incorporated into Dancer's real-life development firm Bytegang Project S.R.O as part of their content-creation portfolio.

Notable for creating several popular "P" branded aircraft, in 2010 Prefabrica constructed Prague International Airport on the outskirts of the Blake Sea, in the 'St Diabloux' region. The airport was intended as a general aviation zone with access to the protected ocean regions and main Blake Sea air routes. There were parking facilities for aircraft, a flight school, free planes and a public marina.

Prague International ceased operating in mid to late 2013 and was dismantled. Prefabrica would continue to maintain a presence in Second Life, but this decision marked the end of their active involvement in Second Life aviation.

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