Eagle Airways (ICAO: EGA / IATA: EA / Call-sign: EAGLE) a non-commercial virtual airline in Second Life®. Eagle serves the Second Life® Grid with commuter travel between regional airports in the Blake Sea, Corsica, Nautilus, Satori and Sansara continents.


Eagle Airways is a result of a three-way merger between Flight Level Airlines, Cheyenne Airways and PSA VA in May 2014. Eagle Airways was based at Star Fish Lake Regional Airport (SLSF) until the airport closed moving the headquarters and main base to Aleksandr International Airport (SLAI) in July 2014. As of July 2015 Eagle Airways headquarters was relocated to White Star Airfield.

During August 2014, the airline launched a subsidiary company, Eagle Seaways, specializing in marine transportation. Eagle Seaways discontinued service in January 2015

November 26, 2015 Bluejet was merged into Eagle Airways.


Airports in Second Life® served by Eagle Air include:







As of November 2015, the Eagle Air fleet includes various aircraft from: Dani, Mckeenan Aviation

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