The EliteWorks BCJ (ICAO: CRJ2 / WAKE: MEDIUM) is a mid-size cabin, business jet aircraft. Created in Second Life by EliteWorks, the aircraft was an original design, modelled loosely on the real-life Bombardier CRJ-200, manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace.


EliteWorks' BCJ is an attachment aircraft composed of two parts - a base aircraft (which has a land impact of 43) and a detail attachment (112 prim) which is worn by the pilot. Partially modelled in mesh, the aircraft is equipped with working cabin door, landing gear, flaps, lighting (landing light and navigation lights) and a reverse mode for backing out of terminals.


  • Working lighting (landing light and navigation lights).
  • Working flaps, landing gear, and cabin door.
  • Seats 16 passengers in total (including pilot and co-pilot).


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