GOBYR Lifstaen Station (previously known as GOBYR Moldof Station in the 'Moldof' region) is a Search & Rescue base located in the Lifstaen region of northeast Nautilus.


GOBYR Lifstaen Station is a SAR base of the G.O.B.Y.R. (Grupo Operativo de Búsqueda y Rescate), a group composed of volunteers from Spain, Argentina, Ecuador and Chile. The station shares the same tarmac and runway with GOBYR Unity Airport.

In mid-April 2016, the GOBYR SAR Station, as well as GOBYR Unity Airport, were relocated from Moldof to the adjacent Lifstaen region, where they could enjoy a larger parcel, with longer runway accessible from Linden Protected Waterway on the southern and eastern sides.


The staff at this station is:


The equipment of this station is:

  • x3 helipads (1 public)
  • First aid room (on the beach)
  • Dock and seaplane ramp
  • Bell 429 EMS
  • D-109 SAR


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