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gridnet™ airways offers both non-commercial and commercial flights as a virtual airline in Second Life®. Based in the Nautilus region, gridnet™ airways is owned by Sweecah and is a subsidiary company of gridnet™ consortium.

gridnet™ consortium is amongst the leading providers of gridwide industrial aviation and nautical services offering exceptional transportation, search and rescue (SAR) and aircraft support services, including fixed wing and helicopter maintenance and training.

gridnet™ consortium is a group of companies which include: 

  • gridnet™ airways
  • gridnet™ freight
  • gridnet™ holdings
  • gridnet™ media Division
  • gridnet™ security Division
  • gridnet™ (SAR)- HM Coastguard / RNLI


During March 2016 gridnet™ Consortium management issued a press statement which confirmed that they had taken control of both Retro Travel Airways & YELLOW AIR TAXI air companies re-branding them under one name gridnet™ airways thus adding air operations to its existing Sea Freight operation known as gridnet™ Freight. The company is currently operating from its main charter terminal at Tsurington Aerodrome (west of Nautilus) until its new premises have completed construction at another site later this year.

Operations Crew


Airports served by gridnet airways:


As of April 2016, the gridnet™ airways fleet includes (but is not limited to) the following aircraft:


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