The Hurttis Saint F3U6 is a custom-built, low-wing, combat aircraft. Created in Second Life by Tumansky Heavy Industries (THI), the plane is an original design styled on fictional aircraft from the Crimson Skies franchise.


Manufactured by Tumansky Heavy Industries circa 2010, the Hurttis Saint F3U6 is a Dieselpunk-themed, propeller-driven monoplane. Modelled with Sculpted Prims (Sculpties) and styled after 1930s-1940s period aircraft, the F3U6 was constructed for a planned event at Aeronautica (an aviation-centric micro-continent). Alas, the event never took place due to the closure of the regions. Later offered for free, the aircraft was equipped with both VICE and TCS combat systems, retractable landing gear, and a sliding bubble canopy.


  • Animated components (canopy, landing gear, propeller, particle effects).
  • VICE/TCS combat systems with:
    • x2 LMG machine-guns.


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