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NOTE: all airline pages recently closed have been just for inactivity of the page (we don´t know if it´s closed)

ICAO IATA Airline Callsign Type Owner
AMO AM Aeromiao FELINE N-commerc Elisha Paklena
ASA AS Air Satori AIR-SATORI N-commerc MeesterP
ATN TN Air Tennessee TENNESSEE N-commerc RamblinRick Burns
<> <> Aloha Skies <> N-commerc Tex
AVA AR Avatair AVATAIR Commercial Jose Squeegee
AEO AE Aeolus Airlines AEOLUS N-commerc Shakira Mebarak
APK AP Air Pukalani AIRPUKALANI N-commerc jojo937 Elan
AVI AV Avinair AVINAIR N-commerc Avin Zepp
ALX AL Air Lexico LEXICO N-commerc Hanson Lexico
<> <> Air Liberta <> Commercial kelysiah Lucci
ALN AN AlNijad ALNIJAD Commercial alnijad
ANA NH ANA All Nippon Airways ALL NIPPON N-commerc AndyY
ART AA Artic Air AA911 N-commerc Vertex
<> <> Air Korea <> N-commerc Taeyeon Kim
<> <> Anubis Airways <> N-commerc Madcine Chun
AXA AX Axtra Airlines AXTRA N-commerc Daky Gennek
<> <> Blazing Arrow ARROW Private Derek Forgraine
BBA BB B & B AIR BABYAIR N-commerc Vlad Vladimir
<> <> Bikini Airways <> N-commerc Roger Claremont
BAL BA Blake Aeronautical BLAKE N-commerc Drwyndwn Tyne
BCA BC Black Cat Aviation BLACK CAT N-commerc CadencePulse Resident
<> <> Blake Air Transportation Ltd. <> N-commerc Nickolas Baudin
BSA BS Blue Sky Airlines BLUESKY Commercial Shar Bleac
BJA BJ Bluejet Airways BLUEJET N-commerc harrisonFord23
<> <> Braathens S‧A‧F‧E <> N-commerc Script Craft
BRA BR Brazilian Airlines BRA AIR Commercial Raphael Coleridge
BYA BY Britannia Air Britannia N-commerc Hatsya
BFU <> Bush Flying Unlimited BFU N-commerc Aries
<> <> Celinair <> N-commerc Celina
CEN CA Central Airlines CENTRAL N-commerc Jake Nazzaro
<> <> Costello Charters <> N-commerc Sonic Costello
CAT CT Cat in the Air CATAIR N-commerc DJ Cat
CKI CK C&K International Airlines <> N-commerc Candy Rose
<> <> Disast Air <> N-commerc ღJenny Dღ
<> <> Domi Airways <> N-commerc Thomas Domi
<> <> Dragonair <> N-commerc Rova
EGA EA Eagle Airways EAGLE N-commerc Devin Koba
<> <> Eastern Airlines <> N-commerc DJ Mack Core
<> <> Emirates <> N-commerc Ashley Vedrina
<> <> Exotic Charters <> N-commerc Kari Maven
<> <> Flux Airlines <> Commercial Dekator Flux
FLY FU flyUSS RED-BLUE N-commerc Matti Adamski
FDA FD Freight Dogs Air Cargo FREIGHT N-commerc Derek Forgraine
GAL GA Galy Airlines GALYAIR N-commerc Galy Schumann
GOR GO Gorlanova Airways GORLA N-commerc Arlodeel Babii
<> <> GridBlue <> N-commerc Mei Ying
GDX GX GridEx <> N-commerc DaveDorm Gaffer
GNA GN Gridnet airways GRIDNET N-commerc Sweecah
GTA GT GridTrotter Airlines BLUEBIRD N-commerc Sam Portocarrero
GWA GW GridWide Airways GRIDWIDE Commercial Brian Hackett
HSA HS Harmaa Susia Airlines HARMAA N-commerc Jacob Ronin
HCI HC HitCorp International Aviation PHOENIX N-commerc Tatyana Thomas
<> <> International Airlines <> N-commerc War Daddy
IBE IB Iberia Airways IBERIA N-commerc Keko Murfin
<> <> Island Hopper Tours <> Commercial Echelon Sands
IAS IA Infinity Air & Sea INFINITY Private DAN
BSI BI interBlake sea islands iBsi Commercial JamesDavid Rae
IRL IL Irelandia Airlines IRISH Commercial Douglas Tragonach
JAL JA Japan Airlines JAL N-commerc Jose Squeegee
<> <> Jazz Airways <> N-commerc jasminehanley
<> <> Kowalski Air <> N-commerc Rou Kowalski
KUA KU KuriAir KURIAIR N-commerc Khukuri Masala
KEA KA Kenair KENAIR N-commerc Keneth Kranfel
KOC KC Kousara's Charters KSRC N-commerc AnukManeewong1260
LEA LA Legion Air LA N-commerc Naomi Lee Seven
LFT LF Last Frontier Air Taxi Service FRONTIER N-commerc Kristina Tailleur
<> <> Linden Airways <> N-commerc VampJoshi
LHA LH Lufthansa LUFTHAN N-commerc pierrifarrior
MUA MA munchkin air MUNCHAIR N-commerc Cheryl Moore
MGK MG MAGEK Airlines MAGEK N-commerc Ananda Ghost
MAH MH Mahalo Airlines MAHALO N-commerc Melisa McAndrews-StJohn
MHI MI Metro Helo Metro N-Commerical Henridesmarais resident
AAR AR Anastasia Air ANASTASIA N-commerc Jimmyson Bracula
NFA NF Nightfire Air GRIZZ Commercial Grizzly Nightfire
<> <> Never Come Back Airlines <> N-commerc mounakralice
NIA NA Nihon Air <> N-commerc Luke Carmona
<> <> Napoli Air <> N-commerc ʆЄƦƖƇӇƠ ИåṖѺŁɪ
<> <> Ocean Air <> N-commerc Nesto Quatro
<> <> One Airlines <> N-commerc Jenniffer Lexington
<> <> Online <> N-commerc Emlife
OKA OK OK AIR OKLINE S-commerc toxic Lemon
<> <> Paraside Airlines <> N-commerc Aiko Torii
<> <> PczAirlines <> N-commerc Nihal Quar
<> <> Philippine Airlines <> N-commerc Pill Collins
<> <> Phoenix Flying Tours <> Commercial Phoenix58
RAC RA Rebel Air Charter Service REBEL N-commerc Cadence
RTA RT Retro Travel Airways RETRO N-commerc Sweecahcahche Ah
<> <> Rising Phoenix Travel <> N-commerc Angela Gracemount
RWA RW Red Wings Airline RED Commercial Dana Redfield
SBA SB S&B Airways SABA N-commerc Steph Facetus, Barbara 'Babsi' Beese
<> <> Saint Martin Airways <> N-commerc MrKirkland
<> <> Scenic Express <> N-commerc Mango Hula
SAC SA Second Air SAC N-commerc Lemon Cookie
<> <> Seneca Air <> Commercial Bobbie Greymyst
<> <> Silver Stream Airlines <> N-commerc Zack221 Friller
SPA SP SkyPlus Airlines <> Commercial stephanie.asalia
SLV VX SL Virgin Express VIRGIN-EX N-commerc Austin Shamrock
<> <> Sky Shark SHARK Private Dagda McMcmillan
SLC SC SLCS Airlines CHEERS N-commerc Christi Charron
<> <> SP Flying <> Commercial sponkey Redyard
<> <> Spartan Air <> N-commerc Shakira Mebarak
SAW SA Sharp Airways SHARP Commercial The Sharp Brothers (Anthony Sharp, Jamie Sharp, Xavier Sharp)
TMA TM Trans-Mainland Airlines MAINLAND N-commerc Marianne McCann
TAL TA Tropical Airline TROPICAIR N-commerc Kara Topaz
<> TD Tropical Dream TROPICAL Private Kara Topaz
<> <> Tropics Airways <> N-commerc daphne.yardley
UNI UN Unity Airlines UNITAIR N-commerc Fey
VLT VA Vulture Air VULTURE Commercial Rich Reynaud
<> <> Volaris <> N-commerc Angel Navarro
VER VE Vertical Air VERTAIR N-commerc Abi Krokus
VSN SN Visit Second Norway VSN Commercial Luciano Lionheart
WRA WR Wild Rose Airlines WILD ROSE Private Bjorn Delphin
XCA XA X-clusive Airways X-CLUSIVE N-commerc MrJules Sixpence
YAT YT YELLOW AIR TAXI YELLTAXI Commercial Sweecahcahche Ah
YGG YA Yggdrasil Air YGGDRASIL Commercial Volmarr Njörðarson
BSC BC Black Sheep Commuter Air BLACKSHEEP Commercial Gineva Johnson-MacLeod & Jjaza Johnson-MacLeod

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