The Kamov KA-26 "Hoodlum" (ICAO: KA26 / WAKE: LIGHT) is a Soviet/Russian light utility helicopter with co-axial rotors. Created in Second Life by Adventure Air, the aircraft was based on the real-life Kamov Ka-26.


Designed at the beginning of the sixties, the real-life KA-26 was built for maximum simplicity and versatility as a "lifting system" consisting of the powerplant, contra-rotating rotor assembly, cabin, landing gear and twin endplate fin tail unit. Loads and containers of various kinds could be installed immediately behind the cabin, beneath the rotors: a pod for six passengers, an open platform, tanks for liquid or solid insecticides or other products, and spray bars for agricultural use.

A variant for geophysical survey was equipped with an electromagnetic pulse generator in the cabin and a big hoop antenna outside. Thanks to its compactness and stability, the KA-26 can operate from small platforms and has been fitted with floats and used for fish-spotting.

Adventure Air's KA-26 comes equipped with detachable passenger pod, four pre-loaded liveries, working instruments and functioning lights. It is also customizable, with independent vendors developing additional equipment for the helicopter such as crop-sprayer attachments. The Hoodlum does not use the standard cylic/collective controls and physics, ubiquitous in Second Life helicopters. Instead Adventure Air has opted for a system where the pilot physically tilts the helicopter down to make it move forward while at the same time increasing throttle on the rotors.


Kamov Ka 26 "Hoodlum"05:03

Kamov Ka 26 "Hoodlum"

Natascha Randt test pilots the KA-26.

  • Detachable passenger pod
  • Customizable paint
  • Working lighting
  • Dual flight-mode
  • Hover-mode
  • Seats up to six people
  • Four liveries preloaded

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