KAMIKAZE Naval Air Station (KAMI) is a private military base occupying two areas: in 'Spurness' and Decimo, regions of central Jeogeot. As its name suggests, the facility is a Second World War themed Japanese airfield.

Landing Advisories

  • NO PUBLIC REZ – If you land at this facility, do not de-rez your plane. There are no public rez zones available.
  • NO SCRIPTS ALLOWED - You don´t can use scripted objets.
  • Elevation advisory: two landing surface: in Spurness at 60m, minimum recommend approach at 70m, and in Decimo at 50m, minium recomended to 60m..
  • No runway lights or markings.


Founded in February 2015, KAMIKAZE Naval Air Station is a Japanese military airfield and naval base situated on the edge of the Jeogeot Gulf combat zone. Built on the plateau of a hill, the airfield's two wooden runways are surrounded by trees; with a seating area, vintage aircraft and army tents located to its south. At the foot of the hill, in the north-west corner of the region, is the facility's naval base with cranes and docks for various-sized aircraft and ships.

In late 2015 rebuilding the airfield with the runway oriented to east/west and add a new place in Decimo, with a big platform how runway oriented to north/south (under construction) and below there is some docks for military ships.

Facilities and services

General facilities

  • Seaplane/boat docks.
  • Military equipment.


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