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KuriAir is a non-commercial virtual airline in Second Life®. The airline serves the Second Life® Grid with commuter travel between regional airports in the Blake Sea, Nautilus, Satori, Corsica, and Jeogeot regions.


Founded in 2008 by Khukuri Masala, KuriAir offers a combination of free scheduled commuter flights, ad hoc flights and chartered flights for VIP members. The airline is currently hiring pilots, Flight Attendants, Ground Crew and Gate Agents. A new addition is a rescue helicopter group mostly crewed by current or former Coast Guard personnel.


Pilots :

  • Khukuri Masala CPT/ CHK-AIRMAN
  • Patrick Ular CPT
  • Saraleah Sands CPT
  • FirePicaso Resident TRP
  • Anne Hilltop TRP
  • Richie Marley, JP

Flight Attendants :

  • Saraleah Sands CHK-FA
  • Anne Hilltop FA
  • Yaiza Galicia FA
  • Alysha Novak TRN-FA
  • Scheilina Resident TRN-FA
  • Damiek Albatros TRN-FA
  • Hannah Watts FA
  • rosiesmith99 TRN-FA


Airports in Second Life® served by KuriAir include:

KuriAir also flies ad hoc flights between a vast range of airports around the Blake Sea, Sansara, and Fruit Islands. The airline also runs chartered flights for VIP members to several vacation destinations where they borrow a luxury yacht for as long as they want.


As of February 2015, the KuriAir fleet includes the following aircraft:

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