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Lufthansa Airlines SL Group:  secondlife:///app/group/a2bf990b-5b54-923c-d4a2-fc8a134b9d1d/about
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Lufthansa Airline (ICAO: LHA / IATA: LH / Call-sign: LUFTHAN) it is a non-commercial virtual air company in Second Life ®. Lufthansa Airline is owned by pierrifarrior Resident. It serves the Second Life® grid with travel between all airports across all the mainland continents.


We enjoy flying around Second Life... Enjoy with us!!


  • In sl group airline can meet pilots


  • Second Norway
  • Hollywood Airport
  • Unity Airport-Borritos Brothers
  • New Horizons Airport
  • Tuarua Fiji International Airport
  • White Star Airport
  • Luxor Airport
  • Palms Grove Airfield
  • Brook Hill Airfield
  • East River Intercontinental Airport
  • East River Municipal Airport
  • Valmorel Airfield
  • Bay City Municipal Airport
  • Calleta Airport
  • Tag Airport
  • Aleksandr Airport
  • CocoNut Airfield
  • Vialatown Airfield
  • Lake Zermatt


As July 2016, the Lufthansa Airline fleet includes the following aircraft:

  • unknown

Flight rules for passengers

  • Passengers are requested to remove all unnecessary scripts and are reminded that the pilot is at liberty to refuse to transport any passenger - for any reason.
  • Passengers need detach AO, scripted hair, any devices for flight or other type; maximum scripts: less 5.
  • Passengers need revised your ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost); for that use this botton combination: Ctrrl + Alt + Shift + C. Need be less 500 (or in green colour).
  • Passengers follow the pilot instructions in case of crash in the sea, and start the emergency protocol request to the coast guard services.

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