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MCAS Chase Field (MCAS) is a public military airfield located in the 'Fridericus' region of north-eastern Satori. MCAS Chase Field is home of CNATRA and TAW-3 of the SL Marine Corps.

Landing Advisories

  • Elevation advisory: Landing surface located at 48m elevation. Minimum recommended approach at 58m.


Originally lacking a runway, Chase Field featured two helicopter pads and made use of the adjacent Blake Sea Airport's runway 27L. However, following a major reconstruction of the airfield in February 2014, the airfield was upgraded with its own runway, with taxiway connections available to the south if necessary.

Situated on a platform at 48m elevation, the airfield was mainly composed of a large parking apron (with over a dozen group tie-down spaces) and taxiways, leading to its single 254m x 22m runway along the western edge of the region. At the north end of the facility there was a single helipad and an ATC tower, with two large hangars and an administrative building located along the eastern edge (underneath which there was a retail space featuring numerous vendors). Public rez was enabled with 1-minute auto return.

Facilities and services

Pilots' facilities

General facilities

  • Administrative building.
  • Private tie-down spaces.
  • x2 large private hangars.
  • Shops/vendors.
  • Military role-play facilities.
  • Military port.


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