NAS Ellyson Field (NASE) is a private dual runway military base in 'Bluemlisalp' region of north Satori.

Landing Advisories

  • Minimum approach to 75m


NAS Ellyson Field EL 29 M is the home of the NAS Misfits UDT team 1. Sometime between January and June 2016, changing its old location in Faracity to the current. Dawn the airfield there is a headquarter of Blake Sea Tours & marina, and say in their own words: "Blake Sea tours offering affordable tours of the Blake Sea the perfect SL date your choice of craft, Party ship that can carry up to 20 Avatars Free Low and slow helo tour on Sundays departing Hollywood at 12: 30 PM. Boat slip rentals 75 prims $60L a week".


Pilots' facilities

  • Approach lights
  • Runway lights

General facilities

  • Marina


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