New Horizons Airport Fire Department (NH-ARFF) is an airport fire department situated at New Horizons Airport in the 'Allalinhorn' region of northern Satori.


Founded with the re-design of New Horizons Airport in the Summer of 2015, New Horizons Airport Fire Department covers the airport and the water area north of the 'Alphubel' region. The Department is completely sponsored by F-Guard and is manned by Firefighters up to a level of the Commissioner. As the Commissioner of the New Horizons Airport Fire Department has only an administrative and consulting role, the operations command of the Fire Station is with the Chief Fire Officer.


New Horizons Airport Fire Department is hiring trained and untrained staff for firefighter and officer positions. Prospective employees are urged to fill an application form, which can be found at the entrance of the Fire Station. Candidates will be on probation for 90 days.


General facilities

  • 4 bay main appliance garage with sectional overhead doors by F-Guard
  • 3 bay secondary appliance hall garage with sectional overhead doors by F-Guard
  • Chief Fire Officer Office
  • Equipment Store
  • Kitchen
  • TV area
  • Drill Tower
  • Helistop
  • Seabase with 2 moorings and 1 Aircraft Hangar

Fire training facilities

  • Aircraft Fire Simulator
  • Flashover Container

Incident command & administration center

  • Lecture Hall (Ground Floor)
  • Press Conference Room (1st Floor)
  • Incident Command Meeting Room (1st Floor)
  • Communication & Dispatch Center (2nd Floor)
  • Office of the NH-ARFF Commissioner (3rd Floor)


The equipment in this station is:

  • HD Emergency appliances
  • TPF Ambulance
  • ProStreet Vehicles
  • F-Guard 1k Dispatch System for Station alarming and Gridwide paging
  • F-Guard 1k FaCon - Facility Control System
  • F-Guard 1k Guardian Fire & Security System
  • Gridtalkie private Network
  • F-Guard customized Turn-out gear
  • F-Guard customized Fire Helmet
  • F-Guard Station wear
  • F-Guard Formal Uniform

Mutual Aid agreements

  • Firelands Rural Fire Department


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