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The P-51B/C Mustang  (ICAO: P51 / WAKE: LIGHT) is a long-range, single-seat vintage fighter and fighter-bomber. Created in Second Life by Tumansky Heavy IndustriesJester Avionics and Laminar Systems, the plane was based on the iconic real-life North American P-51B/C Mustang, an earlier variant of the North American P-51D Mustang , which is an American fighter aircraft used during World War II. 

The aircraft is sold with the P-51B/C Mustang VICE and MCE models ,P-51C Mustang "Excalibur III" racer model, a wrecked model, and Heads-up display (HUD).


Produced by Tumansky Heavy Industries for Second Life, the aircraft is closely referenced to both P-51 B and C Models of Mustangs, in order to bring a realistic experience to Second Life's Aviation and Combat communities.

The P-51B/C takes advantage of Laminar Systems' LFE (Laminar Flight Engine), which references a real P-51 Mustang's flight physics model to a 1:6 measurement scale. The P-51B/C is also one of the few Aircraft released in the age of Mesh, to be only consistent of sculpted and regular prims. This gives the aircraft a lower Land Impact of 32 prims, and allows it to sculpt map swap the Canopy prim via a script for it to change between B and C models. A separate P-51 C "Excalibur III" model is unarmed and is mainly used as an Air Racer.

Combat System

The P-51B/C is a combat-ready aircraft that is equipped with a VICE 1.2.0 combat system, Terra Combat System, and a seperate model for MCE.

List of the P-51B/C VICE stats:


KMK option is available


  • 2 x LMG bullet rezzers.
  • 2 x SMB bombs


  • HUD featuring accurately-styled flight instrumentation and combat information
  • state of art flight model, with "Advanced" flight mode features advanced  lift, glide, and drag: drop into a dive at breakneck speeds, gently (or otherwise) stall the plane when moving too slowly, and perform a perfect dead-stick landing.
  • Real Merlin engine sounds
  • Guest pilot support
  • Custom-designed special effects, including combat damage smoke and a "crashed" model
  • 2 combat systems: VICE and TCS
  • 2 VICE-enabled 500LB Bombs
  • 4 camera angles to choose from
  • fully-animated landing gear, flaps and control surfaces.


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