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Paraside Airlines is a non-commercial virtual airline in Second Life®. Based at Second Norway Lufthavn, Paraside is owned by Mat Nyoki (MeeJay McMahon-Maeda) and Aiko Torii (Aiko Maeda-McMahon 前田愛子). It operates a diverse fleet aircraft serving Blake Sea, Satori and Nautilus.


"Paraside Airlines is a young non-commercial company in Second Life® with big ambitions."
Mat Nyoki, airline management.

Founded in 2014, Paraside Airlines is owned and operated by Paraside Corp., who also own the Paraside Motor aircraft manufacturing company. A role-play focussed airline, Paraside have a particular interest in providing realism and passenger comfort, and have at least one stewardess for each flight. Flights are not pre-scheduled, but announced one hour prior to departure via the Passengers of SL group. Flights can also be requested via the "Paraside Corp." group or by directly contacting a member of staff.


Airplane Pilots:

Helicopter Pilots:

Flight Attendants:

  • Aiko Torii (Aiko Maeda-McMahon 前田愛子)
  • Kimhebe Resident (Inui Mariko乾 麻里子)

Ground Service:


Airports served by Paraside Airlines:


As of March 2015, the Paraside Airlines fleet includes (but is not limited to) the following aircraft:

And the following helicopters :

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