Sisson Family Pediatric & Maternity Clinic
  • Sisson Family Pediatric & Maternity Clinic
  • Category: Maternity Clinic.
  • Region: Tseshkovsky.
  • Continent: north Satori.


Sisson Family Pediatric & Maternity Clinic was located below Dragonport International Airport. If one needed a consultation, they should have contacted first with Aʟᴇxᴀɴᴅᴇʀ Sɪssᴏɴ MD, as the clinic was open only to simulations of care during pregnancy, childbirth and care of the babies in their infancy. As of October 2017, the clinic had been dismantled.


The staff in this maternity is:

  • doctor
  • nurse


The equipment in this hospital is:

  • reception
  • patient room
  • examination room
  • surgery room


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