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Map code Name of the base Name of the group Continent
SLAA SAREMS UK Acknefar Station SAREMS UK Nautilus / First Aid Room
SARR SAREMS UK Refugio Station SAREMS UK Sansara / First Aid Room
ATN SLCG Anton Airstrip SLCG Sansara
SRC SLCG Station Sarcee SLCG Jeogeot
SLBA SLCG Baitoushan Station SLCG Corsica
SLNH SLCG New Horizons Station SLCG Satori
SLAI SAREMS UK Aleksandr Station SAREMS UK Satori
DSH SLCG Danshire Station SLCG Nautilus
SLHA SLCG Santa Catalina Station SLCG Blake Sea
BLR SLCG Bull Rock Station SLCG Blake Sea
SLAZ SLCG Abbotts Field Station SLCG Sansara
SBC SLCG Substation Bay City SLCG Sansara
FRG SLCG Training Center Miller SLCG Sansara
SLWB SLCG Substation Jadu SLCG Jeogeot
SLSC SLCG Substation Smugglers Cove SLCG Sansara
THR SLCG Substation Thryis SLCG Heterocera Atoll
DEX SLCG Substation Dex SLCG Nautilus
SCR SLCG Substation Cranberry SLCG Sansara
CLR SLCG Station Cleora SLCG Heterocera Atoll
SPH SLCG Substation Poliahu SLCG Sansara
TRN SLCG Station Terranova SLCG Eden & Fruits Islands
BIT SLCG Substation BitBatBot SLCG Gaeta V
SCO SLCG Substation Balloch SLCG Scotland
SHR SLCG Station Sheershank SLCG Gaeta V
KAN SLCG Substation Kania SLCG Sansara
HGB SLCG Substation Sunrise SLCG Nautilus
PHO SLCG Substation Phoenix SLCG Satori
OLG SLCG Substation Oleg SLCG Nautilus
BHC SLCG Substation Brook Hill Canal SLCG Blake Sea
SLTA Talakin Hospital General THG Satori/ General Hospital
SLDA Pediatric & Maternity Clinic SFPMC Satori / Maternity
SLNH New Horizons Airport Rescue Firefighters NHA-RFF Satori
SLNH New Horizons Hospital General NHHG Satori / General Hospital
SLGV Fire Dep. Gorlanova GA-FD Satori / First Aid Room
SLBF Fire Dep. Bentwaters BF-FD Nautilus
OFR OHM Fire Res4cue OHM Nautilus
SLCS SLCS Search & Rescue Public Safety Dep SLCS-FD/CI Nautilus
SLSC SLCS Fire Departament - Smugglers Cove Station SLCS-FD/SC Sansara
SLSN VCG Vestnes Station VCG Blake Sea
SLWS White Star Airfield Fire Dep WS-FD Nautilus
SLER Emergency Response Volunteers Station Muirhead Civil Protection Sansara
SLEI VCG Pippen Station VCG Sansara / Hospital / Maternity
TMR SLCG Substation Timandra SLCG Heterocera Atoll
--- Scandinavian Coast Guard SLSCG Vice Identity
IND SLCG Substation Indigo SLCG Sansara
VCGD VCG Recruit Training Center VCG Sansara
GOBM GOBYR Lifstaen Station GOBYR Nautilus / First Aid Room
GOBS GOBYR Skynx Station GOBYR Corsica
LOW SLCG Substation Lowndean SLCG Gaeta V
SARV SAREMS UK Vestnes Station SAREMS UK Blake Sea
VCGW VCG Waypoint Airport Station VCG Gaeta V
SLTS HM Coast Guard - Tsurington Division HMCG Nautilus

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