History_Icon.png This is a historic article about an airport which no longer exists or has been replaced. History_Icon.png

Rolling Hills Airport (ICAO: SLRH) was a single runway public airport in Cosmoledo Isle region, Corsica south. It was discovered closed and taken down on June 18, 2015.

Landing Advisories

  • Large wingspan aircraft advisory.
  • Minimum recommended approach to 40 meters.


Rolling Hills Airport was in the islands of Cosmoledo Isle and Aldabra Isle, and was linked with a runway bridge.


There are no longer scheduled services to and from Rolling Hills Airport, as of June 2015.

Facilities and services

Pilots' facilities

  • Fuel Station (Dani Airplanes)
  • x2 public helipad.
  • Public Rez zone
  • Approach lights 10M Red Warn 250 (Roger Schwager)

General facilities

  • Marine vehicle docks.
  • Seaplane docks.
  • Cafe "Runway 9" & restaurant
  • Bridge pass for a channel into islands.
  • Near the airport there is a golf club.


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