History_Icon.png This is a historic article about an airport which no longer exists or has been replaced. History_Icon.png

S&B Airfield (ICAO: SLLS) is a public small single runway airfield located in 'Forkbeard' region of northeast Nautilus.

Landing Advisories

  • Minimum approach to 50m


S&B Airfield is a single runway grass airfield, tropical theme, owned by S&B Airways . Beginning February 2016 the S&B Airfield was expandet.


The following list includes all airlines who maintain a presence at S&B Airfield or operate scheduled services to and from the facility as DATE. Other non-scheduled charter flights may be available on request. Please contact airlines for more information.


Pilots' facilities

General facilities

  • Tiki bar
  • Beach
  • Marina
  • rezzing allowed on whole SIM
  • Autoreturn 10 minutes


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