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SL Aviation Network Logo

SL Aviation Network Logo.

SL Aviation Network is a web-based aviation news and content provider which features videos of interest to Second Life aviation enthusiasts. Hosted on the video-sharing website YouTube, the channel can be found here.

SL Aviation Magazine

SL Aviation Network is the home of SL Aviation Magazine; an aviation news show which features events and happenings from the Second Life aviation community. The show is presented in a television news magazine format by host and SL aviation enthusiast, Luke Flywalker.

Machinmentary films

A portmanteau of the words 'machinima' and 'documentary', machinmentary films are documentaries shot using a real-time computer graphics engine (in this case, shot in Second Life). SL Aviation Network has produced several historical documentaries using this method; including Operation Shingle (2012), Mig Alley (2013) and the War in Vietnam (2013).

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