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The Scandinavian Coast Guard was created by Second Life's residents, EmmaHQ Resident, Anders Franizzi & Wsrhq Resident at the end of 2014 and officially activated and started recruiting on January 8th, 2015. EmmaHQ also realized the first logotype of the team.

Scandinavian Coast Guard was located at Alphubel, within the premises of New Horizons Airport (SLNH), and at Oceana Beach. Oceana Beach was home to the Scandinavian Coast Guard Academy.

As of October 2017, SLSCG stations had been dismantled.


The staff in this station was:

  • WSRHQ Resident (Amiral)
  • EmmaHQ Resident (Viceamiral)
  • Anders Franizzi (Konteramiral)
  • Julianna Callahan (Flottiljamiral)
  • Neil Langdon (Kapten)
  • Ruth Seid (Löjtnant)


The equipment of this station was:

  • S&W HH-65C Dolphin
  • S&W MH-60T Jayhawk
  • S&W RB-M45
  • SB (Zodiac)
  • Other boats and helicopters that were tasked for separate missions


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