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Scandinavian Coast Guard is located at Vice Identity, an isolated sim unconnected to other landmass. The Scandinavian Coast Guard was created by EmmaHQ, Anders Franizzi & WS at the end of 2014 but was activated 8th January 2015 by Emma, for the reason that some people started to be interested into join and Emma had fixed the first logotype to the team.


The staff in this station is:

  • WSRHQ (Amiral)
  • Dominique van Dogen (Viceamiral)
  • EmmaHQ (Konteramiral)
  • Anders Franizzi (Flagamiral)
  • Julianna Callahan (Löjnant)
  • zeb Finesmith (Fanjunkare)
  • SєƖιηα Ƙσуєηѕ (Sargent)
  • Tech Bandalora (Sjöman 1kl.)
  • Fury Kayens, (Sjöman)


The equipment of this station is:

  • RB-M45
  • SB (zodiac)
  • HD fire truck
  • HH-65C Dolphin
  • MH-60T Jayhawk
  • prostreet enforcer car
  • Fire boat
  • Extinguisher
  • (The staff at the HQ need rezz there vehicles when they would use them, they are not always rezzed).


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