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The SeaXwind is a small, high-wing, twin-radial engine, amphibious aircraft manufactured by Java Designs.


An original design modelled in mesh, the amphibious SeaXwind can take off and land on ground or on water (it can also taxi in and out of the water). Physics-wise, the aircraft is equipped with flaps and an automatic descent/ascent system comprised of an 'altitude HUD' for automatically rotating, climbing or descending to a chosen altitude, and an 'automatic landing system' which controls the aircraft's rate of descent and speed to over thirty supported airports. The SeaXwind has all the usual animated components (entry hatch, landing gear, propeller, flight surfaces, etc.) and features exterior lighting (landing, beacon, strobe, and navigation lights).


  • Heads-up display (HUD) attachments.
  • Pilot / co-pilot control.
  • Flight physics includes optional wind system (with wind direction HUD), x2 flight modes (normal & cruise), and x2 flap modes (normal and fast sink rate).
  • Autopilot features (automated ascent/descent via automatic landing system, or altitude HUD).
  • Exterior lighting (landing, beacon, strobe, and navigation lights).
  • Animated components (entry hatch, landing gear, propeller, flight surfaces, etc.).
  • Fully modifiable and customizable with x3 liveries provided.


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