Silver Stream Airlines is a virtual non-profit airline in Second Life®. The airline primarily operates between the continents of Satori, Nautilus, Corsica and the Blake Sea.


"Come fly the blue skies with Silver Stream Airlines. Let your enjoyment and comfort be our goal. From North to South, East to West Silver Stream Airlines... we're one of the best."
― zack221.friller, Owner of Silver Stream Airlines.


Airports in Second Life® served by Silver Stream Airlines includes

  • White Star Airfield (SLWS) (Headquarters as of 07/01/2017)
  • Hollywood International Airport
  • Second Norway
  • And Much Much More!


As of July 2017, the Silver Stream Airlines fleet includes the following aircraft:

  • 727-100c
  • BAE-146
  • CRJ-700 Regional Airliner (kev Barony)
  • D-170
  • D-318
  • And Much Much More!

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