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The Terra CTH-200 (ICAO: UH1 / WAKE: LIGHT) was a single-engine utility helicopter manufactured by Terra Aeronautics. The third in Terra's line of helicopters, the aircraft was based loosely on the Bell UH-1 Iroquois (or "Huey").


The third in Terra Aeronautics' briefly-lived line of helicopters, the CTH-200 was designed as a multi-purpose utility helicopter with customization in mind. Fully modifiable, the helicopter has approximately 9600 possible combinations of paint colors, decals, and paint finish; allowing the same helicopter to play multiple roles such as search-and-rescue, police, army, heli-tour etc. The 200 comes equipped with a HUD, optional damage mode and functioning doors.


  • Includes a heads-up display (HUD) attachment with throttle, speed, and altitude instruments, engine on/off switch, and "options" menu.
  • Optional impact damage mode.
  • Owner/group lock.
  • Custom paint: Paint script lets users pick two colors and a decal (c. 9600 possible combinations).


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