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The Terra Stingray was an original two-seater amphibious jet manufactured by Terra Aeronautics and inspired by a design concept by Reitsuki Kojima.


With both standard and aquatic modes, the Terra Stingray was designed to be a multipurpose vehicle for exploring Second Life's vast oceanic network. As a plane, it can take off from land or water. As a boat, it can cruise the seas at high speed. As a submarine, it can slip through the murky depths.

For version 1.1 a Turbo Boost function was added to the Stingray. The afterburners allowed for an extra blast of speed at the cost of using four times as much fuel when active.


  • Includes a heads-up display (HUD) attachment with throttle, speed, altitude, and fuel instruments, engine on/off switch, eject switch, and "options" menu.
  • Vehicle modes: As an amphibious jet, the stingray can transform from a standard aircraft into a boat or a submarine. While in submarine mode the aircraft's telescopic wings retract into the fuselage.
  • Aircraft is fully modifiable with custom paint schemes.
  • Flight models: Users can choose from three different flight models that affect the aircraft's handling - touring, stunts and custom.
  • Simulated Fuel: The Stingray can operate up to 30 minutes on a full tank of Terra aircraft fuel. Fuel can be replenished from either a Terra-branded fuel pump or gas cans. Fuel is drained four times faster than normal while turbo boost is engaged.


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