Tropical Dream (IATA: TD / Call-sign: TROPICAL) is a virtual private aircraft company in Second Life ®. Tropical Dream is owned by Kara Topaz and, although it does not serve the Second Life® grid, it is used to transport Karaand her guests across all the mainland continents.


Tropical Dream is one Piper PA-28R Cherokee Arrow that is housed in a hangar at Green Regional Airport.

The airplane is used exclusively for the private transportation of Kara and her guests.

Tropical Dream's sole connection to Tropical Airline is that they are both owned by Kara Topaz.

Tropical Dream gained its name because of Kara's dream of living in a laid-back tropical paradise.

TROPICAL is the registered Call-sign of Tropical Dream.


Tropical Dream is available to transport Kara Topaz and guests anywhere in the mainland continents from its hangar at:

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