This page is created to recognize his merits to aircraft designers since the beginning of Second Life have invested their time and money in imagining new types of vehicles, different, weird, fun, but useful for its ultimate goal, which is to fly in SL and make us enjoy, laugh and have a good time.

Name Aircraft Wake Type
XF5F Skyrocket (Velocity) airplane LIGHT Civil
Velocity Trike Ultralight ultralight LIGHT Civil
Velocity Touring Balloon balloon LIGHT Civil
Velocity SightSeeker ultralight LIGHT Civil
Velocity BD-5 Twin airplane LIGHT Civil
THI PF-01 airplane LIGHT Military
Terra-Kojima Starling ultralight LIGHT Civil
Terra-Kojima Merlin airship MEDIUM Military
Terra Wind Rider balloon LIGHT Civil
Terra Tigershark 3 airplane LIGHT Military
Terra Talon airplane LIGHT Military
Terra Tachyon M airplane LIGHT Civil
Terra Tachyon airplane LIGHT Civil
Terra Stingray airplane LIGHT Civil
Terra Sparrow airplane LIGHT Civil
Terra Orca airplane LIGHT Civil
Terra Manta airplane LIGHT Military
Terra DS3 airplane LIGHT Civil
Terra CTH-100M helicopter LIGHT Civil
Terra CTH-100 helicopter LIGHT Civil
Terra Cormorant airplane LIGHT Civil
Terra Cirrus balloon LIGHT Civil
Terra Atom airplane LIGHT Civil
Terra Airship 4 airship MEDIUM Civil
Terra Aerius airship MEDIUM Civil
Supermarine S.6B (Winterhawk) airplane LIGHT Civil
SeaXwind (Java Designs) airplane LIGHT Civil
Prefabrica P-3 Pelican airplane MEDIUM Civil
Prefabrica P-2 Goose airplane MEDIUM Civil
Prefabrica P-1 SeaKite airplane LIGHT Civil
Prefabrica P-1 CloudKite airplane LIGHT Civil
Prefabrica F-1 RazorBill airplane MEDIUM Civil
Prefabrica A-1 Sparrow airplane MEDIUM Civil
Northrop XP-56 (Velocity) airplane LIGHT Military
Nieuport 17 (Terra) airplane LIGHT Military
Nakajima Ki-84 (Skunkette) airplane LIGHT Military
Lockheed Vega (DSA) airplane LIGHT Civil
Linden Marauder airship MEDIUM Military
Laminar-DLM Eagle Mk II airplane LIGHT Civil
Junkers JU 87 Stuka (THI) airplane LIGHT Military
Fokker Spider (Velocity) airplane LIGHT Civil
Farman III (Velocity) airplane LIGHT Civil
F-105D Thunderchief (AMOK) airplane MEDIUM Military
Dunne D.8 (Velocity) airplane LIGHT Civil
DLM AW13X Libelle helicopter LIGHT Civil
Demoiselle (Velocity) airplane LIGHT Civil
CV-57A Manta (AMOK) airplane MEDIUM Military
Chevraulaix Spade F.2 (THI) airplane LIGHT Military
C-3 Master (Carly) airplane LIGHT Civil
Vought V-173 (Velocity) airplane LIGHT Military
Airco DH.2 (=TBM=) airplane LIGHT Military
Airco DH.2 (Terra) airplane LIGHT Military
Airwolf (S&W) helicopter LIGHT Military
Airwolf (Apolon) helicopter LIGHT Military
Antoinette IV (Velocity) airplane LIGHT Civil
Apolon Jet LuxeA70 airplane MEDIUM Civil
Bede BD-5 (Velocity) airplane LIGHT Civil

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