The second annual TAG Airport Aircraft Display Show starts on Monday 27th January 2014. The event will be hosted at Tag City Airport and runs until 9th March. For more information please IM zipperhead Wurgle inworld.


  • 27th Jan to 2nd Feb: Open class aircraft with fixed wings or rotor.
  • 3rd Feb to 9th Feb: Helicopters.
  • 10th Feb to 16th Feb: Jets.
  • 17th Feb to 23rd Feb: Prop aircraft.
  • 24th Feb to 2nd March: Seaplanes.
  • 3rd March to 9th March: Airport, aircraft and pilot accessories.

Rules & details

  • Mondays is aircraft rez day for the event of the week and Sunday is removal day, if there is room on Tuesday after the grid wide region restarts, you may rez additional aircraft if they are unique.
  • Builders are welcome to put vendors by their displays.
  • Please rez on the metal grate platforms provided as not to block runways, taxiways, or roof tops.
  • The purpose of the show is to promote airports, aircraft builders, aviation groups, and aviation events.
  • Airport owners, aircraft builders, and aviation groups are welcome to put out group inviter's, vendors, advertise hangars available, new products and up and coming events.
  • This event is free for all involved.
  • Last year we had an outstanding event with over 200 awesome aircraft. We had a few builders that gave us sneak previews of up and coming aircraft. Lots of new groups with outstanding aviation services coming online. Aircraft painters that just had top quality paint jobs.

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