Douglas C-47 (EG Aircraft)

A Douglas C-47 manufactured by EG Aircraft

In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings, a special fly-over of the Blake Sea is being held to mark the event on 7th June at 11:00AM SLT (Second Life Time). The event will involve a grid flight of Douglas C-47 transport aircraft and a simulated amphibious assault by paratroopers on Honah Lee Trudeau Airfield and Hollywood Airport.


Any individual may participate in the event but group participation is encouraged. This can be either an already established group or an ad-hock group of friends who come together just for this event. If you are not in a group don’t worry, you will still be able to participate. After the event there will be a Best in Show Contest where the group with the most authentic WW2 Paratrooper/Air Crew dress will receive L$10,000 and a special commemorative certificate.

Please note that this is not a combat activity, however there will be ground fire, AA, flack and exploding aircraft and landing craft. This event will be recorded and shown in an upcoming episode of SL Aviation Magazine. Organizers ask that all participants sign an SL Aviation Network release form. If you have signed a form on past video projects you do not need to submit another. Participants must also fill out an entry form for the event; please contact LukeFlywalker Fittinger in-world for both forms.

Event plan & schedule

  1. Participants meet at the C-47 staging area at Aleksandr International Airport.
  2. Pilot and paratrooper briefing.
  3. Paratroopers assigned planes (plane assignments can be prearranged).
  4. All take-off & maintain 1 sim spacing (256m) between planes.
  5. Follow flight plan north of Nautilus City maintain 300m altitude.
  6. Fly into the 'Fredercius' region (MCAS Chase Field) drop-zone.
  7. Green light for paratrooper jump in 'Fredercius' and 'St Diabloux' (Blake Sea Airport).
  8. C-47’s with damage effects crash. All others Fly to Foliage Airport and land.
  9. Paratroopers - now landed - form up and board landing craft (available upon request).
  10. Landing craft proceed to Honah Lee Trudeau Airfield and make a simulated beach landing.
  11. Paratroopers walk to east side of the island and re-board landing craft.
  12. Landing craft proceed to 'Santa Catalina' (Hollywood Airport).
  13. Make simulated beach landing at 'Santa Catalina' and proceed to staging area for a D-Day planes grid-flight (details forthcoming).

Maps & directions

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