VCG Recruit Training Center
  • VCG Recruit Training Center
  • Category: training center
  • Region: Duck.
  • Continent: Sansara.


VCG Recruit Training Center is located at Duckregion


The staff in this station is:

  • VADM Khukuri Masala
  • VADM Shar Bleac
  • CMDR Saraleah Sands
  • LTCMDR Jonsky Foxtrot
  • LTJG Victoria Petrolhead


The equipment of this station is:

  • helicopter training area (x2 helipads)
  • diving training area (ramp down water, sunken vessel, hyperbaric chamber)
  • mini sub training (Explorer Submarine created by hoohaa Anaconda)
  • first aid training
  • training ground
  • firefighter training
  • boating training
  • weapons training


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