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The Velocity SightSeeker is an ultralight aircraft. Created in Second Life by Velocity Aeronautics, the SightSeeker was loosely based on the real-life Kolb Firestar by Kolb Aircraft of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.


An semi-original design by Velocity Aeronautics, the SightSeeker features a set of folding parasol wings with rear-mounted 'pusher' engine and conventional landing gear. There is no enclosed fuselage; the aircraft's two seats are open to the air.


  • Water crash detection (prevents flying below water-level).
  • Dynamic Camera.
  • Custom Sounds.
  • Animated control surfaces (rudder, elevator, and ailerons).
  • Folding wings for storage.
  • Pose reset.
  • 'FlySafe' to protect against full parcels (not phantom).
  • Dual flight mode (pilot, co-pilot sharing).


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