Vizion Regional Airport (ICAO: VRA) is a single public skyport located in Ariantiregion, Nautilus continent.

Introducing the new gateway to the South Continent ...Vizion Regional Airport.. unrestricted access to the Bingo Strait and on to Blake Sea  you can get a charter and see what the beautiful south has to offer.. Also you can utilize our spacious hanger facility. If you heading north this is a good place to transfer and get a flight heading to your northern destination..


Large Protected inlet with unrestricted access to the Bingo Strait and on to Blake Sea. A place to moor your boat or yacht....enjoy the cool breeze and relax at the Yacht Club.....

Contact Vizion Sunflower for for further details

Pilot Information

Take off and Landing is from the south on runway 36

Elevation is 61m Small to Medium planes

301m For Larger Cargo airplanes

Refuel of Dani, Terra and DSA aircraft

We also have a confortable and well stocked Pilot Lounge




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