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The Waco YKS-7 (ICAO: WACC / WAKE: LIGHT) is a small passenger cargo and utility aircraft. Created in Second Life by Tania Bouvier Motors (TBM), the aircraft was based on the real-life Waco YKS-7, built by the Waco Aircraft Company. It was one of the Waco S series.


The real-life Waco YKS-7 was a single-engine, four-seat touring aircraft of U.S. origin. The type designation is quite complicated; implying the engine type, equipment and model. The Waco YKS-7 had a wing span of 10.65 m, length 7.70 m, operating weight 1,475 kg, and maximum speed 230 km/h. Primarily a civilian biplane, the YKS-7 also saw service in No. 36 Squadron of the Finnish Air Force where it was used in maritime surveillance.

The TBM-designed YKS-7 was created with the intention of being as realistic as possible while taking into account the restrictions imposed by Second Life (limited space, non-analogue controls and such). The re-texturable aircraft model and its accompanying accessories were created from scratch and include such features as a heads-up display (HUD), pilot entrance/exit animations, fuel system, and interior/exterior lights.


Flying - Second Life - Midday Get Away03:50

Flying - Second Life - Midday Get Away

A short film about flying, featuring the Waco YKS-7 (TBM) .

  • Heads-up display (HUD) for pilot.
  • 100% Mesh Construction.
  • Re-texturable interior/exterior.
  • 3 free interchangeable texture themes available.
  • Seats 4 people in total.
  • Internal/external lighting.
  • Working doors.
  • Fuel system (TBM Fuel).
  • Accessories (non-scripted YKS-7, vintage TBM fuel pump, 1 air pump, 1 oil pump, 2 barrels of oil, 1 functional engine test bench).


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