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The Grumman XF5F Skyrocket was a prototype twin-engined shipboard fighter interceptor. Created in Second Life by Velocity Aeronautics, the Skyrocket was based on the real-life XF5F Skyrocket designed by Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation.


The Grumman XF5F Skyrocket was a prototype of a twin-engine shipboard fighter interceptor to which Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation applied the model number G-34. The U.S. Navy ordered one prototype airplane on 30 June 1938 with the designation XF5F-1. The aircraft possessed a unique appearance in that the forward part of the fuselage did not extend forward of the wing.

In 1938, Grumman presented a proposal to the U.S. Navy for a twin engine carrier based aircraft, unlike any other fighter aircraft that had ever been considered. The design was for a light weight (under 10,000 lbs maximum takeoff weight) fighter powered by two 1,200 hp Wright R-1820 engines, with propellers geared to rotate in opposite directions to cancel out the effects of engine torque, promised high speed and outstanding climb rate. A low wing monoplane with a short fuselage that began aft of the wing's leading edge with a twin tail assembly featuring a pronounced dihedral to the horizontal stabilizer. The main wheels and tail wheel were fully retractable.


  • Dual flight mode (pilot, co-pilot sharing).
  • Water crash detection (prevents flying below water-level).
  • Pose reset.
  • 'FlySafe' to protect aganst full parcels (not phantom).
  • Animated retractable landing gear.
  • Sit position adjustment.


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